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Treatment of a Class II Subdivision Type 2 Malocclusion with Customized Lingual Brackets and a Simple Distalizer Appliance Published on...

Dental Transposition

Dental transposition is the positional interchange of two adjacent teeth, or the development or eruption of a tooth in...

Orthodontics Clinical Cases

Clinical Cases

Third skeletal class, open bite

Inversione del combaciamento sul canino, affollamento inferiore terza classe dentale, affollamento superiore ed inferiore.

Skeletal class I

Patient no. 1261 Skeletal class I, first dental, crowding with deviation of inter-incisive lines and vertical asymmetry Treatment start: 30.10.2006 Treatment end:...

Class I crowding

Patient no.1658 Class I upper and lower crowding, closed bite  

Patient with open bite

Patient no: 1787 Camilla Open bite Treatment time 12 months

Deep bite

We speak of a deep bite when the upper incisors cover too much the lower ones. Normally, coverage of 2...

Cross bite

Si verifica quando i denti superiori non scavalcano i denti inferiori. Questa malocclusione può interessare sia i denti laterali (morso...
open bite

Open bite

By open bite we mean an incorrect dental match in the vertical sense, essentially the presence of a gap...
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