He has plaque on his teeth

Oral hygiene, with a damp gauze and a soft toothbrush, is correct, and most likely it is not plaque but dark spots near the collar of the teeth.

Question: My son is 28 months old and practically, since his first lower tooth came out, he started depositing plaque on his teeth. Cleaning his teeth, with gauze when he was younger, with the toothbrush now, does not bring great results. Our pediatrician says it depends on the characteristics of the saliva, and therefore nothing can be done about it. I would like to have your opinion.


Oral hygiene, with a wet gauze first and with a soft toothbrush after, is correct, and most likely it is not true bacterial plaque but dark spots near the collar of the teeth. These are very resistant and only the dentist in the office is able to remove them, however they are not pathological at all because they do not cause damage to the tooth. The pediatrician colleague is right when he states that they are linked to the salivary composition, in fact they will disappear when this changes.

In remembering not to use the toothpaste until the little one is able to avoid swallowing it (which is increasingly likely given the captivating flavors), I recommend a check-up visit to your dentist to verify the presence of the aforementioned situation, which I repeat, it would not require any intervention.



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