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Lingual orthodontics

Lingual Orthodontics is a technique to apply the orthodontic brackets on the lingual tooth surface such that the appliance is not visible.

Invisible orthodontic appliances

This treatment consists of a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that you change every two weeks for the next set of aligners.

Interceptive orthodontics

It is sometimes necessary to program orthodontic therapy in two phases. The first phase defined as Interceptive (or Phase I) aims at correcting the disharmonies of the bone bases in a transverse direction (narrow arches, lack of space) and in an antero-posterior direction (mandible set back or advanced with respect to the upper arch).

Natural orthodontics

Sometimes we notice joint problems in mouths with perfectly aligned teeth, or difficulty of maintaining a valid occlusion over time, perhaps as a result of years of orthodontic treatment.

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