Oral implantology is the branch of dentistry that deals with replacing missing teeth with artificial roots that can support as many individual teeth, groups of teeth or they may also act as a support for a total hip replacement (commonly called false teeth).

The implant allows you to keep intact natural teeth adjacent to the space to be filled because the prosthesis does not involve plantif not rarely, even the natural teeth.

Modern units are made of Titanium.

When you insert a foreign object in the body, you may experience a process of organization or an immune reaction (antigen-antibody). The latter, also called rejection reaction, occurs when the foreign body of the proteins are present and thus has no place with implant materials in which the proteins are absent.

The Titanium also not even cause foreign body reactionsbut it establishes a direct connection with the bone that forms the basis of osseointegrationthe implant material is therefore an important factor in achieving the organization between bone and implant.

So it is crucial to the child a good approach that allows the prevention and treatment without any stress, pain, or made ​​of junk collaboration.

Modern technologies help us greatly allowing everything.

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