Teeth – take care of them before they come out

The article written by Dr. Floria in the magazine Bimbi Sani & Belli

Denti – Curarli anche prima che spuntino (in Italian)



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Treatment of a Class II Subdivision Type 2 Malocclusion with Customized Lingual Brackets and a Simple Distalizer Appliance Published on Oral Health September 12, 2022 by Gabriele...
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Apparecchio Invisibile quanto costa e come scegliere

Vuoi sapere quanto costa e come scegliere un apparecchio invisibile per avere finalmente un bel sorriso? Se stai cercando informazioni sul costo di un...

He has plaque on his teeth

Oral hygiene, with a damp gauze and a soft toothbrush, is correct, and most likely it is not plaque but dark spots near the...
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