Invisible orthodontic appliances

Invisible orthodontic appliances

Invisible or transparent appliance AKA clear plastic aligners are used to align the teeth.

apparecchio invisibileIs it true that you can’t see it?

For who?

How are the aligners made?

In practice how does it work?

Discomfort or pain?

How long does the treatment last?

What is the best brand of invisible aligners?

Clear aligners are faster than braces?

How much it cost?

Is it true that you can’t see it?

They are certainly very aesthetic and also effective but if you want something truly invisible you should think about lingual orthodontics.

Our dental offices offer treatments for all types of orthodontics including this one with clear aligners. We take care of the diagnosis, optical impressions (without paste), care and stability in the new position.

For who?

This orthodontic method is indicated for cases of medium and low difficulty while for complex cases, such as orthognathic surgery or for impacted teeth, we must resort to lingual orthodontics, which is able to correct any problem.

Transparent orthodontics with sequential aligners is able to treat a wide range of alignment problems, from minor dental movements to medium complexity cases such as:

DENTAL CROWDING or when there is no space to accommodate all the teeth adequately.

TEETH WITH EXCESSIVE SPACING: the dental arch has too much space or the teeth are too small and therefore appear distant from each other.

DEEP BITE when the upper arch teeth cover the lower teeth too vertically.

CROSS BITE also called reverse bite occurs when the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth. It can be both front and side.

OPEN BITE: when the teeth of the two arches have excessive space or do not overlap vertically.

How are the aligners made?

The clear aligners are made with a safe and tested plastic material called PET-G, they are comfortable and removable. They can be removed for eating and drinking, brushing teeth and flossing.

They do not create irritation or allergies. Pronunciation is slightly altered but generally does not create discomfort.

They are light and thin because they are personalized on each patient’s mouth.

Practically how does it work?

Our orthodontic specialists scan the arches and preview a final result. Then, always through the computer, the movements and the various phases of treatment are well defined.

Although the various software available are of great help, experience and orthodontic training make a big difference in the final result.

 As Seneca said: “There is no favorable wind for the sailor who does not know where to go”.

Once the masks are produced, they are delivered and changed every 10-15 days depending on the case and the patient’s compliance. It is important to monitor the progress made and to intervene promptly if something does not follow the expected program.

You must wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day, i.e. they must be removed only for eating and brushing the teeth. This is a very important point to understand because their incorrect and intermittent use can lead to root resorption or failure to achieve results or even the breakage of the devices.

At the end of the treatment it is necessary to maintain the final dental position obtained.

Discomfort or pain?

A slight feeling of discomfort for the novelty and for the first movements. It lasts on average a few hours and can recur when the appliance is changed.

How long does the treatment last?

It is difficult to answer because each case is a story in itself, let’s say that on average the orthodontic treatment with the transparent appliance lasts 18 months.

As already mentioned, the treatment is only successful if the aligners are kept during the day and night, removing them exclusively for eating and for daily oral hygiene.

What is the best brand of invisible aligners?

Nowadays the market is full of brands, Invisalign was the first but now a lot of patents are expired and there are a lot of alternative brands like Spark, Clear Correct, Nuvola etc…

Our offices are able to produce our own aligners, that is the reason why we are extremely price competitive. Our in-office production uses only top quality material.

Are Invisalign, Spark or similar really faster than braces? In short, the answer is no.
Maybe faster than traditional fixed appliances but definitely not faster than lingual customized orthodontics.  However, the time needed to deliver the results largely depends on how complex the treatment plan is.


How much does it cost?

The price can start from 1500 for very easy cases and reach 7000 euro for complex cases.

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