Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry deals with the care of decayed teeth, procedures for the elimination of caries and those relating to the closure of cavities resulting from the elimination of the enamel and carious dentin, through the use of special materials. Caries can be superficial or deep.

In the first case it is limited to removing part of the dentin and enamel affected by caries, filling the tooth with special materials (silver amalgam or composites).

The use of silver amalgams has now been replaced by composite materials which due to their adhesive characteristics allow a less extensive preparation of the carious cavity compared to the use of amalgam which required cavities with particular characteristics to be retentive.

In deep caries there may be an involvement of the pulp of the tooth, also containing the nerve fibers, and then we resort to root canal treatment also called devitalization or endodontics.

The conservative for children is called pedodontics.

Unfortunately, the prejudice that leads to not treating milk teeth still remains today because, subject to exchange, in reality the problems created by a destructive caries can create significant pain, abscesses and compromise a good adult occlusion.

Therefore a good approach to the child is essential that allows prevention and possible therapies without stress, pain or refusal to cooperate.

Modern technologies help us greatly by allowing all this.

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