Goodbye impressions

TRIOS 3Shape Ortho, Win, and Invisalign: a revolution in our practices

Why a revolution?

If you have the patience to read further, you will soon discover what benefits it can bring to our patients.
We tried many models and finally chose the top-of-the-range model and at the top of the technology known today to abandon the hated taking impressions for our patients.

What is the TRIOS Ortho 3Shape scanner?
The TRIOS Ortho intraoral scanner is a color scanner capable of detecting the patient’s mouth model without using the traditional mechanical detection methods: the old impressions.
With this kind of small camera it is no longer necessary to use the impression trays and the soft material with which you used to acquire the model of the mouth: alginate, silicone, etc.

What are the patient benefits with the TRIOS Ortho scanner?

There are many, among the main ones we mention:
1. Many patients do not like taking traditional impressions, especially due to the sense of suffocation or vomiting that the material causes in contact with the mucous membranes of the mouth (but also throat, tongue, etc.). With the TRIOS scanner this problem is solved because it has a minimal footprint.
2. There is no need for impression materials or powders to spray on the teeth, so it has no taste, no odor and leaves no residue during the survey.
3. The quality of the relief is similar to the best traditional impression. The accredited scientific literature says so. Since this is a numerically controlled digital process, operator errors are lower and consequently the processes are better (orthodontic appliances, study models, prostheses, etc.), generating greater patient satisfaction.
4. Working times are reduced, so the patient has a lesser commitment to the practice, especially if we consider the reduction of errors and therefore the repetition of the impression. Furthermore, the transfer of a file is much quicker and cheaper than a traditional courier, so relations with the laboratory are also much faster. The patient waits less to get the device or prosthesis.
5. From a hygienic point of view, the TRIOS scanner has a lower risk of cross-infection than the traditional impression method.
6. Simplified filing with the de-materialization of the initial and final plaster models, as well as their easy duplication and remote transmission. Particularly useful for consultations and / or patient transfers.
7. By not using single-use chemicals and by not physically shipping the models by courier, we respect the environment and do not pollute.
8. Cost reduction: the reduction of times and the streamlining of processes and working materials will also lead to a reduction in costs for the patient.

How is the TRIOS scanner made?
The scanner looks a lot like a wireless camera, in fact it is a kind of pen that transmits information to a laptop via WI-FI. Basically it takes a burst of photographs that have extensive information as the reader is also equipped with a gyroscope. All this single information is recomposed to define the complete image of the mouth.
The software then deals with the optimization of the acquired three-dimensional image with the help of the professional and passes, if necessary, to the design phase of an orthodontic appliance or a prosthetic restoration.
If you want to know more, enjoy this video:


How does the scanner work in orthodontics?
In our studies, invisible orthodontics represents 100% of our practice and therefore both in the case of individualized lingual appliances with the WIN technique for the treatment of all types of malocclusion in adolescents, adults and the elderly, and in the case of Invisalign aligners for simpler therapies the TRIOS scanner finds full applicability for all the above advantages.
But not only. As soon as the acquisition is completed, the patient is immediately able to see and understand what their problems are and after a few minutes the software can already show the hypothetical orthodontic solution to his problems and judge whether the proposed solution meets his own or not. expectations.
A subsequent processing by the professional also allows you to predict treatment times and related costs and therefore to formulate an estimate.

And in conservative, and in prosthetics?
Whether you have to make one or more crowns (capsules) on the teeth or that you have to make an inlay, a veneer or any other prosthetic product, the scanner can be used with the great advantages already mentioned and also with a further one: automatically the color of your teeth in every single position, so as to send more precise indications for the aesthetics of your teeth to the laboratory.

What dangers are there?
None! The scanner does not emit any type of dangerous radiation and does not require the use of chemicals. The procedure is not invasive at all and does not cause any type of trauma to the mucous membranes.

Can it be used with children?
Yes of course. Indeed it is very useful because in children the gag reflex during traditional impressions is very frequent.

Do you want to try this new technology?
If you want to try TRIOS Ortho technology and see for yourself, come and visit us in our offices at this address. It will also be a pleasure for us to know that our economic and technological efforts meet your satisfaction.



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